Posted by: Sue D. Gelber | October 8, 2011

You Might be a #Runnerd If…

In honor of all my runnerd friends tackling Chicago Marathon this weekend, some musings on how to tell if you’re a runnerd. Feel free to add more in the comments.

You might be a runnerd if:

  • you read back issues of Runner’s World instead of watching political debates
  • work, cocktail party, or Saturday night movie, you’re sporting compression underneath
  • you can name at least three different models of Garmins and explain their features
  • you check out other people’s shoes when running
  • your shoe choice for any given run could be expressed as an algebraic formula, with variables based on distance, pace and weather
  • you have lucky socks
  • you can do pace calculations in your head
  • your ears perk up at the words “race weekend”
  • you have a Race Expo strategy
  • you can cogently explain the implications of a heel strike vs midfoot vs forefoot
  • you aren’t on a diet, you’re just trying to get to your race weight
  • you know the difference between gun time and chip time
  • you can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Garmin, Nike Plus, RunKeeper and Polar
  • your social life gets planned around your race calendar
  • you always have a stash of BodyGlide
  • when researching vacation destinations, you search for races first, hotels second
  • Watching the Spirit of the Marathon makes you emotional
  • Watching Hood to Coast makes you more emotional (and then gets you thinking about who you want on your relay team)
  • BioFreeze, Salonpas, KT Tape: yup, you know what those are
  • And, of course, you’re probably a #runnerd if you’ve ever used the hashtag #runnerd.

Good luck to all the #runnerds racing this weekend!


  1. Love these, especially the one about planning races before vacation places.

    • I just did that last week! My husband and I are planning a West Coast weekend away, so did I search for interesting museum exhibits? No, I checked the Runners World race calendar.

  2. You might be a single runnerd on the prowl when you ask guys “What is your marathon PR?”

    • And then you stalk him on Athlinks.

      • YES

    • I totally did that to a girl at work. We talked about her running and then I asked her what her PR is.

      I started planning vacations around races or epic training runs.

  3. You get all giddy at the phrase “#runnerds #tweetup”

    You’re not shy to talk about chafing in public. In fact, you probably start the conversation.

  4. […] The term Runnerd came to mind, but I did a good search and found that the term is very popular: There’s a Facebook Group, it’s a popular Twitter Hashtag, and websites describing the symptoms of being a Runnerd. […]

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