Posted by: Sue D. Gelber | April 29, 2016

Inspiration Friday: Pre-Teen Edition

I’ll admit, there have been times that I’ve gotten lost on runs and accidentally gone a little further than planned. But not as many extra miles as Lee Rodriguez-Espada did. The 12-year-old girl recently planned to run a 5k and inadvertently ran a half marathon. She was late getting to the start line and saw that the race had already begun, so she ran. Turns out, it was the half-marathon start, not the 5k race that she intended to run. At around mile 4, she realized her mistake but at that point decided not to quit. She did the whole thing, all 13.1 miles. Kudos to her. You can read more about Lee here. Now excuse me while I go for a 3 mile run. Or maybe 13. Who knows?

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