Posted by: Sue D. Gelber | March 21, 2011

Signs of Spring

After whining and complaining and generally being crabby about the weather for the past month, I woke up one day last week to what was by all accounts a beautiful day. It was sunny and warm. The birds were singing, the sky was blue. I scrapped all my plans for the day and decided to head outside.

First up was a quick run. Although it may have sounded like I’d ended my relationship with running completely after my last post, I decided that running and I could still see each other, as long as we kept things more casual – no pressure, no commitment, an open relationship. So I laced up for a quick little jog, just four miles to enjoy the sunshine. It seemed as if everyone was out, including a few people who clearly had not run since winter arrived last November. I also encountered some people clad in gray baggy sweatpants (akin to wearing a big neon sign that says “I don’t run very often”). Seeing so many casual runners made me feel a little better about myself – until one of them blew right by me as if I was standing still, his gray sweats flapping in the breeze.

But it didn’t matter, my goal was not to run fast. My goal was just to enjoy the day. I finished my loop and headed back home, just in time to start getting ready to meet up with a friend for the inaugural bike ride of the season. First off, I had to get my bike out, check it over and pump up the tires. Fortunately, I’d already brought it in for the pre-season tune-up, so it was in pretty good shape.

Next, I had to find my biking clothes.  Hmmm, biking clothes…. Where would I have put everything at the end of last season? I spent about an hour fishing through my closet to find tights, shirt, jacket, etc. It took forever. Then I had to find all my accessories. Another hour hunting around for helmet, gloves, skullcap, shoe covers. I worked up a sweat before I’d even left the house.

Then came the part where I repeatedly went outside, reassessed my clothing choices, and went back inside to add or shed a layer as needed. Lather, rinse, repeat. Another hour passed. Finally, I hopped on my bike, pedaled to the end of the block, decided I needed a heavier jacket and went back to the house. I pedaled away again, then realized I’d forgotten my water bottle and turned around one more time. The third time was a charm, and I headed to my friend’s house. I was pleased to find that she was in her driveway having the same scattered pre-ride frenzy that I’d had. Finally, a full hour behind schedule, we rolled out. The sky was blue, the potholes were enormous. Since I’d spent the better part of the day getting ready for the bike ride, I was left with precious little time for the ride itself, but we managed to get some miles in.

Once back home, I molted accessories as I went – helmet, gloves, shoe covers, shoes, hat, sunglasses. It was a like a bike shop exploded inside my door. As I looked around at the piles of biking stuff on the floor, I was pleased. They were sure signs of spring.


  1. As with most things in life, it seems we spend more time preparing for them then experiencing them. Hopefully now that the weather is changing, you can stow all your gear nearby so you can grab and go when the urge strikes you. Oh yea, can you order up some nicer weather?

    • You know, I keep putting in requests for some lovely spring weather, but no one seems to be listening. Talk about lousy customer service.

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